Land of the Giants


 We’ve all seen them as we’ve traveled, giant hamburgers, donuts, cows, chickens and most of all giant people. Have you ever thought about where these objects came from? I have wondered that very question. I’ve researched this question on the Internet and found that in logical reality, the answer is quite simple.

In the mid 1930’s, as the automobile became a part of American life and people traveled more by auto, roadside businesses began to advertise their services and products. The proprietors created large versions of their products to captivate the driving public and lure them in. It worked because Americans love large. We grew up with stories of Paul Bunyan and marvel at the size of giant pumpkins at the fair. It seems as if this gigantism has become part of our DNA.

While I can believe that explanation, I have a much more fanciful explanation. In 1984 I started working as the photographer for the Race Across America, (RAAM), a trans-continental bicycle. Photographing the race required me to literally follow the race across America. My wife would drive while I photographed. I shot the race for 15 years and during that time we traveled across the country 29 times. It was during these crossings, that my wife and I started noticing these REALLY LARGE objects.

Maybe it was a GIANT COW in front of a steak house in Texas, or a GIANT HAMBURGER in front of a diner in Maryland, or a LARGE MAN holding a muffler in front of a muffler shop in Indiana. We started seeing these giants everywhere we went. We started discussing why these giants existed. Maybe because of the long hours and lack of sleep, our level of consciousness was open to a new reality. It became apparent to us that there was another race of beings living amongst us that we hadn’t been aware of.

We were now in a mental state that allowed us to discover this alternate reality, one that people in the normal mental state had seldom really seen. It was a simple explanation. When us, mere mortals, are asleep these beings and their world come alive. We’ve just never noticed. These GIANTS need the same things we need to live, and that is why giant cows, hamburgers and all appear along the roadways. WOW! Another whole universe exists in parallel with ours. It’s amazing what sleep depravation can explain.

Since I’ve made this discovery, I’ve wanted to let the rest of our world see this new universe that I see. It’s time to start showing the world that there is another universe existing with ours, if we only take the time to look.